Why eat complete?

People think an average of 220 times a day about food. 90% of the time unconcious. The internet and media is full of millions of food suggestions and consumers are getting more and more confused.

The trend goes to eat lean, clean, natural and local due to weight, health and environmental issues. Most consumers do not even understand how it works to eat complete at a 2,000 calorie diet. If in addition they need to loose weight, the problems get even worse.

The numbers of people with overweight, diabetes, high blood-pressure and other food-related health problems are on the rise. We all pay the price for this.

VEAT is the world wide first All-in-One plant-based food solution, created on the basis of 360 scientifically-proven reference values.

Consumers are getting the full spectrum of all essential nutritions in each TAB, and also adjusted to a optimal blood-sugar value. The VEAT TAB has an optimal protein, energy and nutrition profil, based on 360 scientifically-proven reference values. Now consumers can trust a transparent system and eat healthy without the need to think about it. This is the beginning of convenient health food, plant-based, allergene-free and optimal balanced so you can take very 60 minutes one TAB. No more need to think about food, weight loss or health. Start your plant-based food adventure now.

Why no cheat?

Most people eat too much and the wrong things. More than 50% of the world population is overweight with growing numbers and the available information of food suggestions in the web do not show a real impact, due to confusion of the consumers.

To eat complete also our nerv-system (brain, red blood cells) needs every hour about 6-7 gramm of glucose (sugar). If the brain does not get this type of sugar, the body starts to use protein instead from our body to generate sugar. The unpleasant result is, that we loose our muscles and gain fat.

Unfortunately it does not work to make sugar from our fat cells. So if you want to make a test and eat one or more days every 60 minutes one TAB (total of 12 per day) and nothing else, just drinking regular tab water, you will be amazed what will happen to your weight and how you will feel after a few days.

The 60 minutes intace cycles are important to maintain the blood-sugar level and keep the hormon insulin down. Insulin would transform the glucose (sugar) to your cells and store it as fat. If you keep the insulin level down, the sugar will stay in the blood and finally reach the brain without beeing stored as fat.

Why no meat?

Meat contains about 75% water, some fat and protein and has no complete nutrition profile. Animals are fine creatures and for many of us their best friends. Would you eat your best friend? The meat industry is one of the greatest poluters of our world, according to many environmental reports. Our arable land is the most valuable thing we have on our planet. Just in the last 50 years we lost almost 50% of the arable land, due to the raise of world popolation and meat consumption. This has to stop – at least for some days in the week. We do not want to discriminate the meat industry, but offer a functional solution for some days in the week to get a complete protein without eating meat. Just try it, you will be surprised how easy it is.